Graduation Reflection (Last Post on Blog)

 It was on the 16th of December I was at the place, the place was The Legends, I was very nervous because it might have been the wrong place, I was going to go in to eat at the restaurant when I was dropped of it was just coincidence that two teachers had arrived and two students to that made me feel much more confident. We all went in when I met lee my classroom teacher.

I then walked in and saw three tables one had some of my friends on it so I choose that one to sit on. When I sat I saw party poppers on the tables and candy canes, chocolate coins and chocolate Santas, there also was two jugs of soft drink one being raspberry and the other cola but what I saw was there where three varieties the other variety was pink one person on my table thought it was pomegranate I doubted that. I got chicken Parmigiana with chips and salad, I didn’t eat the salad.

When I was almost finished we started popping the party poppers so I got the person next to pop his and my party poppers at the same time when they went of I found a strip of paper with a joke that didn’t make sense, a paper hat and two tees. When we were finished we headed out to go to the school which was very close so we could walk when we arrived we had to wait outside one of the exits at the SPC(Sports and Performing Centre) and wait we saw many parents walk past.

When it was our turn we walked in while music was playing then we sat down on seat at the back of the room then the people on the stage talked and talked then they handed out the graduation certificates with a parcel then the awards.

After waiting there we were told to go out but we knew why but the parents probably didn’t know, it was our surprise dance we had worked on it for 10 weeks and know we where performing it in front of an audience that made me very nervous and what made more nervous was that the audience was our family and i had to dance with a teacher at on bit holding hands.

After it was over we were told to come up and pick a bag of chocolates from a bag and give it to our parents is wasn’t rehearsed but we just went with the flow and then we had to go up again but this time it was to take a picture in front of a cake and the school captains then cut the cake all at once, the night was over.

We then went outside where there where refreshments, there where tea and coffee, juice boxes, tiny teddies and water with plastic cups. I grabbed an apple and blackcurrant juice box and my brother grabbed an apple juice he said it was very sticky and when he opened it, it was very bitter he told me to taste it and I found it sour and bitter and I found it tasted like vinegar my classroom teacher lee then told me to open the parcel, I opened it and what I found was a picture book of the pictures that where taken three weeks ago I think. I then grabbed some cake and poured some water then my family left. Overall I felt okay some bits made me nervous some made more relaxed but overall it was great.

100WC Week 15

The map said to head down the mysteries hallways passing the bottomless pit and through the bridge of unknown but we just found a shortcut and skipped all of that. When we went in we saw a room with an easel and a huge assortments of painting things, we knew that this could mean big money so we started to stuff as much as we could into our bags until they could not fit no more than we ran. When we just got out there where police everywhere, we knew we were busted. Know we are in a sell waiting.

MMPSQ Term 4 Sheet 8 Question 22


I predict it is going to be about addition


Which deal costs less per millilitre?
A) 75c for 500 mL

B) $2 for 2 L



What’s the BIG Question? :

Which is a better deal?

What Strategy Will I Use? :

Create a mathematical problem

Solving Procedure:

I knew I needed to multiply 75c four times. I doubled 75 and got 150 and then doubled that and that made 300, which makes $3 for two litres so the answer is B.

BTN Eureka Stockade

3 Recalls

1. One person’s family came to the goldfield because her father wasn’t getting paid enough and because of the potato famine 2.Life on the gold field was difficult and dangerous 3.The miners (or diggers) lived under colonial

2 Insights

1. I didn’t know that lots of kids died at early ages at the mine field because there family couldn’t afford food 2.I didn’t know the punishment of not having a license to mine, I did now you needed one but not the punishment of mining without one

1 Question

1. Who thought that a mining license was a good idea and why did the miners result to violence instead of protest?

100WC Week 14

I was driving my truck until I hit a ditch, my tyre fell in and it got stuck. I was pressing the gas pedal so hard that I thought it would fall off but I’m lucky it didn’t. I was pressing so hard and watching the temperature rise, the noise was fierce, the floor was burning hot and then the noise stopped I just sat there being immersed by how quiet it was and then I got out. I raised the engine and to my surprise it was full of mustard I was then wondering what had happened.


Shripwreck Coast Camp Reflection

It was the 26th of November and we where about to go to camp, it would be 4 days of camp. When I was at school waiting for the busses what I saw was the busses where going around the schools, I was confused at first then I knew they where looking for parking spots. When the bags where packed all we had to do was get on and after some time the bus started moving, since we where bus 2 we where most of the time behind a bus which kind of sucked.

We had many pit stops one was the Narmada.

When we arrived at the Downtown Motel we where told who was in our cabin and what number it was and we where given the key. I had in my cabin was Marcus and Jessie. We where told not use the bed or else we would be charged for it, not to use the TV and not to use the telephone.

When I went in the room I was suspecting a room with only the basic things and a old TV but what I found was a decent room with a flat screen TV, two bins, a mini fridge and 3 beds one a double, I was surprised.

It was dinner time, dinner was at Macey’s Bistro. What was there was tables with glasses and coasters, jugs of water I originally thought it was lemonade. We where then told of a self serve buffet which we where going to use.




MMPSQ Term 4 Sheet 7 Question 22


I predict this is going to be about addition


Which deal costs lees per litre?
A) $32 for 4L

B) $8.50 for 1L



What’s the BIG Question? :

Which is a better deal?

What Strategy Will I Use? :

Create a mathematical sum

Solving Procedure:

I added 8.50 four times by doubling then doubling again and here is what I got was, in the first double I got $17 I doubled that and got $34. That makes the answer A because A costs lees per litre.

The 5 Big Questions (Boy Overboard)

What makes this book good?

The story is decent, it seems reasonable and its not to out there even though the main character has a huge ambition but the book manages to keep it reasonable. One thing I think that makes the book more reasonable is that it is based on a true story.

What would make this book better?

I think the book will be better with more plot twists but that’s just my opinion. I also think the book needs more description I find there isn’t enough, for example they never ever describe what Bibi and Jamal look like and what they have experienced.

What’s the one most important thing the author wants us to know?

Don’t give up no matter how hopeless things look and stay optimistic.

Why did the writer write this?

The explanation: “I wrote this story to express my sympathy for children every where who have to flee to survive, and my admiration for the adults who embrace them at the end of their journey. Morris Gleitzman” I didn’t now about that I originally thought it was made up but now  I know the purpose.

What does the audience need to understand and enjoy the book?

To understand the book you need to know what’s its like in Afghanistan, how life is like there and the situation at the time.

Joseph Bell (Term 4 Mini Project)

Joseph Bell was born on the 2nd of December 1837 he was a Scottish lecture at the medical school at the University of Edinburgh in the 19th century. He is best known for being an inspiration for the character Sherlock Holmes. He was the great grandson of Benjamin Bell, a forensic surgeon.

He would often pick a stranger and by observing him, he would then know his occupation and recent activity. These skills caused him to be considered a pioneer in forensic science at a time where science wasn’t used widely in criminal investigations. Arthur Conan Doyle met Joseph Bell in 1877 and was his clerk at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Arthur later created a series of popular stories featuring Sherlock Holmes; he stated it was loosely based on Bell and his observant ways. Bell did know about the inspiration and took some pride in it.

Bell was involved with many police investigations mostly in Scotland; one was the Ardlamont Mystery in 1893. He was usually with forensic expert Professor Henry Littlejohn. He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh Medical School and got an MD in 1859. He was also a personal surgeon for Queen Victoria whenever she visited Scotland and he published many medical textbooks.

Joseph Bell developed his observation skill by practice.

Bell knew from the tattoos of sailors where they had sailed. From having a look at a hand he told the profession of its owner. A glance at a face told him whether the person is a drinker or not. Because of his observations skill he knew a lot of information about his patients before they talked about themselves. When someone lied to him he would tell him the signs that he or she was lying.

At his time one of the most brutal murders where happening. What was happening was prostitutes where getting killed and mutilated, the mass murder got the nickname Jack the Ripper. Joseph bell investigated the case, after seven days he written a summary on his findings and named the suspects. The murderer was never found.

He is considered by many the father of forensic science.

Joseph Bell died on the 4 of October 1911 aged 73. He was buried at the Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh next to his wife, Edith Katherine Erskine Murray, his son Benjamin and next to his father’s and brother’s graves.

A bronze plant was placed to mark the centenary of joseph bells death on the 8th of October 2011; it is at 2 Melville Crescent Edinburgh. It was organized and funded by The Japan Sherlock Holmes Club. The building that was his home in his final decades, it is now the Japanese Consulate in Edinburgh.

The plaque explains Joseph Bell’s connections with Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. The plaque was created by Powderhall Bronze of Edinburgh.

The revealing ceremony was attended by several people involved in the placement of the plaque and the representatives of many Sherlock Holmes Clubs and Societies.

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Term 4 Project Recording

100WC Week 12

We were outside the city waiting for the bottle; we saw something drifting in the water I told Charlie to grab it. He grabbed it; it read YOU ARE ALL DEAD. That meant YAAD and YAAD means You Attack Alpha and Delta. We got the order and now we must attack, we got our rocket launcher and pulled out the SAMTAC. The clock was ticking, at any time we would go and some of us probably won’t come back. Now the time was coming and what I heard was BANG! The sky lit up with lights, it has finally begun.

We discussed about the subject at school and below is the proper 100WC piece of writing:

Dear Philippian

Don’t give up, things might look hopeless but don’t give up it will be better. I know you have just had a typhoon and some buildings have been destroyed but you can recover and stand stronger then you where before. For now just hope for the best and wake up optimistic and ready to take on the world. No matter what life throughs at you, you must keep going and not give up and keep going with a smile because life isn’t always a smooth road, there will be bumps here and there but if you must continue.